I am back!!!

Yep back from vacation. What a nice time I had.  I enjoyed the beaches of the Dominican Republic for 10 days. I had so much fun.  I did snorkeling, para sailing,  and a lot of poolside tanning. I almost did not want to leave yesterday. I am ready to head back too.  Next trip, I want to go to Costa Rica.  I need to start planning.  Who wants to pay?  HA!

Anyways, I still have my pink zebra party open.

Here is the website. Www.pinkzebrahome.com/taraleighspaulding. That is the reps site.

Remember at check out to reference my party so I can get credit on getting free Stuff.  Party 51202

When you go to check out you would reference that number.

Here is my wish list for Pink Zebra

Black Simmering Light with Frosted Gold Glass # 4008004-8090

Black Simmering Light with Frosted Orange Glass # 4008004-8091

Black Simmering Light Bright Turquoise Glass # 4008004-9208


I am waiting for the fall catalog to come out my rep said it till be in later part of july!  I need some fall stuff and winter!


Here are my sprinkles list as well :


These are on sale till  7/17/2016  $6 a jar

Cherry Pie 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4008709

Lime Slushie 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4009288

Sweet Tea 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles – Paisley’s  (this one is my favorite I would like to)

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles – Paisley’s Pick Nov 2015 # 4009178

Root Beer Barrel 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4008452

Vanilla Crème 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4005709

Here are the other Sprinkles I like they are regular price $8 a jar

Brandied Pears – 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4009058

Cafe Latte 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4009289

Crisp Apple 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4009110

Just Peachy 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4008348

Orange Dreamsicle 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4006853

Stone Washed Denim 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles # 4006846



Beautiful Woman 3.75 fl. oz. Soaks # 4009180

Fresh Cherry 3.75 fl. oz. Soaks # 4008856

Fun & Flirty 3.75 fl. oz. Soaks # 4008858

Lovely Lady 3.75 fl. oz. Soaks # 4008879

Tropical Hoof Go-Cards (4 pk) JAS # 4008957





if you are getting something off my Pink Zebra wishlist, let me know so I can mark it off.  Make sure it is sent to host.