Pink Zebra Party Last Call

She has had this party open for a while., time to close it.  Here is my wishlist

I am going to post my wish list again. If you want to buy it for me reference this party 51202 and have it sent to the hostess. Or if you want to buy something for yourself , your wife or girlfriend, that is fine as well.  Here is the website. That is the reps site.

Remember at check out to reference my party so I can get credit on getting free Stuff.  Party 51202

Here is a new wishlist…..


#4008713 Pomegranate tea 3.75 oz Jar Sprinkles

# 4009520  Maple Pumpkin 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles NEW!

# 4009113  Hot Buttered Rum 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles

# 4006205  Pumpkin Bread 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles

# 4009519 Black Fig & Absinthe 3.75 oz Jar Sprinkles

# 4008560 Oak & Bourbon 3.75 oz Jar Sprinkles

#4009245 Rugged Guy 3.75 oz Jar Sprinkles

# 4005720 Farm House Cider 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles

# 4006204  Gingersnap Cookie 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles

# 4005711  Warm Apple Pie 3.75 oz. Jar Sprinkles

# 4007508 Peppermint Patty 3.75 oz Jar Sprinkles



Church Shade NEW! # 4009460

Winter Village Shade Set # 4009444

Natural Twig Pumpkin Shade # 4008064

Let It Snow/Happy Holidays Ceramic Shade # 4008970


Simmer lights

Black Simmering Light with Frosted Indigo Glass NEW! # 4008004-9658
Black Simmering Light with Burgundy Glass # 4008004-9014
Black Simmering Light Bright Turquoise Glass # 4008004-9208



Caller Etiquette

The reason why I do Niteflirt is that I enjoy not only talking to the different men of all walks of life and their sexual addition issues is of course the money. That is reason why we are on Niteflirt. A good PSO works on the relationship with each caller.  The ones that call back are the ones that we build a relationship with.  That why they keep coming back to that certain girl.

Guys, here are a few rules you have to remember when calling me or any other girl on Niteflirt.

  1. Treat us like a human beings no matter the type of call you are doing.  We work hard at what we do. The ones that have been doing this for a while have been able to make themselves into the PSO they are today. Before you hang up, say “Thank you” or “Thank you Princess(Goddess or whatever you address her as) “
  2. Do not be a deadbeat freebie loser. The one thing a PSO hates is when a caller asks for free minutes. Do not ask for free minutes.  When a PSO sends out free minutes, it’s because they appreciate your calls, earned on merit or a technical issue. I usually send out 2 free minutes if I forget to turn off my line and I miss a call. It shows that I acknowledge my error and hope to get a second chance.
  3. Ask a PSO to lower her price.  Big no, no.  A PSO considers that insulting. That price per minute is what her service is valued at. If her line is $1.99/min and you have $50 you will get 25 minutes.  If you want more time with her on the phone, you have to pony up the extra cash to pay.  Do not ask her to lower her price.  If you can’t afford it, than you should not be calling phone sex lines.
  4. Feedback – PSO work hard. They deserve that hard work to be recognized for it. That is what feedback is for. After each call you should leave it not matter if is was 5 starts or 1 star. If you do not have access to the computer, you can wait for the automated system to come on and they will have you put your feedback in that way with out comments. If you have access, than you should leave the rating along with a comment.  Hey sometimes good feedback gets rewarded.  You never know.

Hopefully this is of some use for you. I am not only doing this for myself but for the men that call Niteflirt and the hard working PSO as well.

Until next time.. Have a great day!




Oh christofer

It is so fun to taunt you…. I hope you are reading this and you dick is getting hard as you read this.  Is it getting harder to resist me?  I know you troll my page probably everyday, looking for a sign to allow you to submit to me. Maybe this is the one.  You keep sending me emails on how hard it is to resist me. Did you love the fact that I am writing about you right now.  We have not even spoken over the phone yet and I am writing about you. I know I am starting to get into your mind. I love when you send me an email about how hard it is to resist me.  You know it is a losing battle. Right now you are losing even more than you were five minutes ago.  Just think of all the pressure and the burden will be lifted once you have submitted to me and become mine. I am sure I will see an email from you soon after you read this.   What was that trigger word… Rinse?