Oh christofer

It is so fun to taunt you…. I hope you are reading this and you dick is getting hard as you read this.  Is it getting harder to resist me?  I know you troll my page probably everyday, looking for a sign to allow you to submit to me. Maybe this is the one.  You keep sending me emails on how hard it is to resist me. Did you love the fact that I am writing about you right now.  We have not even spoken over the phone yet and I am writing about you. I know I am starting to get into your mind. I love when you send me an email about how hard it is to resist me.  You know it is a losing battle. Right now you are losing even more than you were five minutes ago.  Just think of all the pressure and the burden will be lifted once you have submitted to me and become mine. I am sure I will see an email from you soon after you read this.   What was that trigger word… Rinse?


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