Dumb Drunk Ass Falls Asleep

OMG….so some drunk ass calls My ignore line like they have so many times before, always wanting to talk about how I would get him drunk and take his money but this time he WAS drunk…at 5:00pm on a Monday! So, I encourage him to drink more of his beer, such a manly drink…lol. So he tells he’s laying on his bed but he’s too drunk to get hard..lol. So I tell him how I would be slipping My hand into his pants and reaching for his…..big…..fat….wallet! I told him to “stroke and pay, stroke and pay” and I just kept repeating that and I noticed that his breathing was sounding rhythmic so I just kept repeating “stroke and pay” and I kept saying it softer and softer as if to lulling a baby to sleep and sure enough….he was SNORING!!!
Well, I ask you….what would you do?

a) hang up

b) scream in his ear and wake him up

c) put it on speaker, put the phone down, and milk it til the time runs out!
C, of course!!!! He was snoring away for about 30 minutes. I was messaging My friends telling them that I had a caller on speaker and he was snoring and they were laughing! Well, I finally got bored and ran to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and when I got back, the call was over so I don’t know if he finally woke up or his time ran out. Maybe I should send him a fine for hanging up! LMAO

I’ve heard of MAKING money while I sleep but not making money while someone else sleeps! Hey, I think I have an idea for a new listing. Add lots of money to your account right before you go to bed, then call Me, and I will talk you to sleep, then milk your account DRY! LMFAO! God, I love being Me!