The weekend.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I like seeing the WordPress stats knowing my blog is being read. The past few days I have enjoyed going to parties and hanging by the pool. Bought some new bikini’s for the summer. The one thing I like about the summer is less clothing which means more teasing. Yesterday I was at my sisters house relaxing on a pool float getting a tan, and her neighbor behind her was mowing his lawn, I know he was watching because he was on his riding mower and each time he passed he would slow down and look over. I had my sun glasses on so he could not tell if I was watching him. I know he loved the view. Here his family was in their pool having a good old time his wife is not the most fit person, I am sure at one point she was. I made sure I bent over as I got out of the pool to dry off so he can see my ass. I am sure I made his holiday weekend. 


Having another pink zebra party.

Yep, it’s that time of year where I am having another party. I am running low on a few things. I am going to post my wish list. If you want to buy it for my reference this party 51202 and have it sent to the host. Or if you want to buy something for yourself , your wife or girlfriend, that is fine as well.  Here is the website. That is the reps site.

Remember at check out to reference my party so I can get credit on getting free Stuff.  Party 51202

When you go to check out you would reference that number.

Here is my wish list for Pink Zebra

Item: 4008004-9013  black simmering light with candle glow glass

Item:4008004-6771  Black simmering light with frosted white glass

Item 4008004-8280  Black simmering light with frosted brown glass

if you are getting something off my Pink Zebra wishlist, let me know so I can mark it off.  Make sure it is sent to host.