I love reading financial slave blogs, and I am going to rant a little too.

Why you say.. Well research, duh.. It it’s like peeking into there puny little brain to see how it ticks. I mean I’m in school studying psychology and I do a lot of research and a lot of reading because I enjoy reading.  I like hearing how these men end up getting sucked in by beautiful woman and basically Have their insides turned out. They like to be dominated at anytime of the day. I read this one guy’s blog how he was working and got a message from the goddess he was currently serving to basically serve her while he was at work. Sure enough he did, and his wallet was completely drained. How hot is that? He is also very honest on how he feels about girls that he gets messages from, asking to serve them.  Those girls are idiots, and have no clue on financial domination. Just because a guy blogs about his sessions, it’s not an open invitation to contact him and make him your slave.

Now for my rant, I’m the type of goddess that does financial domination in a different way. Yeah I know a lot of goddesses out there or financial dom girls say the same thing. There are few guys that I do talk to on a more personal level if you know what I mean. These submissives should be thankful, because it is a gesture of thank you for your loyalty to your mistress, if you fuck it up its on you. I’m not gonna beg for your attention because that is not how financial domination works.  Financial domination to a mistress is all about setting the perfect trap. When you set out the honey the bees will always come.  If they like me then They will stick around, if they don’t then they leave. I’m not going to go chase them down and beg them to stay with me. That is not proper mistress etiquette. Mistress’ shouldn’t care if a guy leaves. There were always be two more to replace him.

The one thing that really annoys me and I’m sure It annoys other mistresses, is when dummies dangle carrots in front of us, trying to make us think there is some kind of financial gain or reward, then they yank it away. These type of guys are not submissive men, they enjoy mind games because they think they have the power. WRONG, They are just dumbass idiots. Going on my niteflirt page, Clicking on every single button that I have on my page and not following through. That is an annoyance. I can tell you one thing guys if you’re going to do that just forget it it’s not worth it and you’re wasting our time. We took the time to create those buttons for the “TRUE SUBMISSIVE” Men that really do want their wallets drained. So if you’re doing it for shits and giggles it’s only for your self gratification for power. You are not a true submissive, just an asshole.

Ok I am done for the night… Well maybe…